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When All is Not Lost

When I was a little girl I used to run away a lot. Growing up in a very beautiful but remote part of this Island, I would run undisturbed for miles until out of breath, I would stop, take off my shoes and socks and feel the cool grass underneath my feet. Then lying on this long soft grass, I would look up into the sky making shapes and telling stories with the clouds. I don’t run anymore…except for a bus, but I still tell stories with the clouds!   Continue reading


Where there is LOVE there is HOPE

Akin to most people, in the Westphalian world at least, a life devoted to spirituality is not the most sought after. Not because it’s not attractive, but rather, who has time to consider God ? Between the great illusion of modernity and the vile trappings of consumerism, there exists a narrow space for devoutness – and this time is usually spent browsing through social media! But where else do you go when your life is falling apart?  Continue reading

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